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    green hair algae plague

    Just a quick question... If we pay for live rock.... why kill whats in it by "cooking it", doesnt that defeat the point?
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    Algae Burst!

    Hey, Im having the same problem with my tank and it has gotten pretty bad with green hair algae. All my nutrient levels are low and I do regular (weekly 5 gal) changes in my 12g aquapod. I have corals so I'm hesitant to lower the lighting schedule without any advice. I have seperate timers for...
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    Jesse's 12g AP w/70 watt Sunpod

    That looks sweet, not gonna lie... how much did that light set you back?
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    12G Aquapod Lighting

    Hey it's been a while since my last post but I am interested in changing / upgrading the lights in my 12G aquapod. I currently have to prop the lid open to reduce the temperature which does the trick, but looks horrendus. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do to deal with my feverish tank...
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    Green hair algae up the...

    Fantastic thanks for your help
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    Green hair algae up the...

    I seem to be experiencing a green hair algae outbreak in my tank and have been for about 2 weeks now. I cant remove the rocks from the tank annnnnd my clownfish bites me when i put my hand in the tank which is suprisingly painful and most certaintly startling. Its a 12G Aquapod and all the...
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    Brown stuff

    yea its all gone... old post but thanks for the advice guys, Ill remember this for future reference
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    Clown with white spot or ich?

    oh and yes soaking your fish food in garlic before feeding is good at preventing ich... its basically because they're vampires and everyone knows vampires dont like garlic :twisted:
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    Clown with white spot or ich?

    That sounds like ick and yes treat now, the earlier you get to treating the better chance he has of surviving. There are ich medications that are invert safe. Just ask your LFS and they'll hook you up. I use Kick-Ich and have had good results. Good luck!
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    Emerald Crab... not a good idea... I have one and he is pissing me off because ill wake up and a coral will be knocked off its rock. Very pushy
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    Breaking Frogspawn

    Well its just the branch on the bottom which was never alive since I bought it, its kinda like a palm tree and I dont want the 20 foot trunk, just the top 3 feet I guess you could say. By the way J&D, if you do in fact move to Fiji, let me know... I'll cut your grass over there for a place to...
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    Breaking Frogspawn

    Hey been a while since my last post but I have a question... can I break the "dead" hard part of my frogspawn off? It's kinda long
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    70w MH issues??? cutting on/off

    Lol I enjoy the comment of "wild-assed guessing" hahaha
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    What a week, what a thanksgiving...

    Cameron is absolutely adorable. I wish the best for you and your family! Keep us posted! My prayers go out to you, your family, and most of all little Cameron.
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    Not really, fortunatly that is pretty much the easiest algae to remove... just use some tweezers and pull it right off. Its actually pretty cool stuff when its not in your tank