Green hair algae up the...


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I seem to be experiencing a green hair algae outbreak in my tank and have been for about 2 weeks now. I cant remove the rocks from the tank annnnnd my clownfish bites me when i put my hand in the tank which is suprisingly painful and most certaintly startling. Its a 12G Aquapod and all the parameters are correct. I do weekly 5 gallon water changes keeping an eye on temp and salinity. Any suggestions? The snails aren't helping me out...


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Check your water change water to be sure that you aren't accidentally adding in any phosphates or nitrates. Cut back on your feeding and anything that might be adding nutrients to the water. Once you do that I would let it run it's course. You could try and combat it with snails or algae eating fish. Personally I would just let the algae consume all of the nutrients that it needs then it will start to die off due to lack of food. As long as you're not adding more food for the algae it should get to a manageable level.


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5 gallon weekly change in a 12g tank!! is that not a bit excessive? I only change 1 gallon a week and all my parameters are spot on.