Zoas and Polyps?


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Are zoas and polyps the same thing? kind of confused there. also what do you feed them if at all? should they be close to the top of the tank or lower down. i have a 12 g nano and i have some yellow Polyps? zoas? and they seem to be dying off. Tank levels have recovered since the big crash last week. and been doing small water changes almost every other day.
the total losses forthe tank were,
1 cleaner shrimp
1 fire shrimp
a yellow clown gobe
red star fish
1 feather duster
and the catalyst to the crash --the anemone. :cryinga:

It was a pretty depressing situation.
the hermit crabs seem to be doing fine and are doing a great job cleaning things up.

the algae appears to be starting up again and things are looking more or less like before. ive been rasing the temps also and noticed less activity from the night crawlers.
is that bad?


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Zoas are a specific polyp. Polyp is a much broader term. For the most part things that wave around are polyps such as xenia.

Here's an interesting article:

What does the algae look like? Color form (hair or blochy)

Sorry for your loss. I lost a clownfish and a scooterblenny early on and I know it can be rough.



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the red algea is taking its time to come back. the hair form algae never went any where. it seems to be doing alittle better this week.
The story started with my anemone dying and then i had to remove my damsel. He kept knocking everything over. i strongly reccomend a completely empty tank whenever you have one of these guys. They are smart. i had to move everything to get him. everything went down hill from there. Watchman gobe is doing great now.
Thank you for the article. there are some great links from it as well.