Who do you think makes the best AIO (all-in-one) nano reef kit?


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I personally love JBJ stuff but you definitely have to have the budget to afford their stuff. It's probably worth the cost but the additional require up front can be prohibitive for many.
Another option that I like is the Coralife Nanocube. The price point is much more reasonable IMHO but the quality is a bit more dubious. Coralife makes good stuff but it's more mass-produced and dummy-proofed for lack of a better term. It's a great option for these who are newer to the hobby.

I like the DIY option for nanos but it can be really challenging (and expensive) to find the right equipment when you're piecing things together yourself.
Which kits do you like best? Do you have any experience with either of the companies I've mentioned above?


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I have a couple of the older JBJ's, a 6 and a 12. I always liked them after upgrading the return pumps for higher flow rates.
I was considering one of the Coralifes but decided on using one of the 24 gallon Biocubes I already have.
Red Sea also has some nice looking AIO's but I don't have any experience with those.
There are so many options and variable going DIY, you almost need the entire tank preplanned in order to make the best choices the first time around.