What a week, what a thanksgiving...


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Hi everyone. Wow, what a long, freaky week it has been, it is amazing how fast your life can change. One minute I'm working of a great night of drinks and dinner with friends, and the next minute, I'm stuffing my wife in a helicopter for critical care in Spokane, WA after her water unexpectedly and unexplainably broke WAY early.

It was one of those "pack a bag and be back in 20 minutes" moments you hear about. As I watched the life-flight helicopter take off from my local hospitals helipad I have to admit I felt like I was sucked into the TV and an episode of ER. Too bad, though... no Neela.

In fact, the following morning, I still felt like it had all been a dream, until I peeled my face off the crappy vinyl couch/bed THING in my wife's room. No bother asking any of the nurses for a healthy pinch, this was reality. For the next 24-36 hours we tried getting my wife Stacy and the baby as ready as possible. She got steroid shots to help develop his lungs. We got 10 different stories from 10 different doctors, all the while as we just waited as long as we could before taking the baby. We were tortured by constant decellerations in the baby's heartbeat, and I was even handed my surgical scrubs by the nurses and told to be prepared. But by the end of the day, I was pretty convinced Stacy would simply be on bed rest for a week, and then they would get the baby in a planned surgery.

Around 3:30 AM, though... that changed. Cameron had a decel to 50 BPM and then they lost his pulse completely. Alarms went off everywhere, and I heard them carting stacy out of the room just about the same time I rolled off the stoop and headplanted onto the psudeo-wood floor.

But to make a longer story short, my second son Cameron Vidal Williams was born on Tuesday, November 21 at 4:17 AM. He was 4 pounds, 10 ounces and 16.5 inches long. He was only 31 weeks (40 is normal) and he immediately had some respiratory issues, since the lungs are one of the last major organs to develop.

He's been on and off breathing assistance (currently on) since birth. I have been back and forth between Spokane and Pullman a few times, and when Stacy is discharged in one or two days, is where the really scary times begin, because I have no idea how we will afford living in Spokane to facilitate Cameron's care. They have told us we can expect him to come home around Christmas if we are lucky.

Well, shoot traditional Thanksgiving straight to hell for my family this year. But I think it was a good thing... the stress, the sleepless nights, the long and boring drives from Pullman to Spokane and back... has given me a great deal of time to reflect on what is important in my life and what I should be thankful for.

Tonight, I got to hold Cameron for the first time! Greatest Thanksgiving ever...



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WOw... what a very scary series of events. I am very glad to hear that Cameron appears to be doing okay! Congrats to you and your wife and please keep us updated!



best wishes to you, your wife and the new one...... hopefully all will be well and you'll get that chrismas present


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Sorry to hear about the unexpected events! Please keep us posted on how Cameron and you and your family is doing!

If there is anything that we can do, please let us know!


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I’m sorry that I have not updated the situation since my first post. Needless to say, things here have been busy.

Cameron’s first two weeks were a scary time for my wife Stacy and I. All babies lose some weight quickly after birth, but when you weigh four pounds, that can make life interesting quickly. Especially when doctors are busy jump-starting your internal plumbing to handle food... something you aren’t supposed to have to deal with for another two months. So, Cameron dropped weight, from 4 lbs 6 oz to 4 lbs and spare change. Then there was the whole apnia/breathing thing. Nightmare. But... it all worked out, and three weeks later Cameron is out of intensive care and is in intermediate care.

The goal here is simple: eat, sleep, gain weight and work hard to go home.

It's really amazing how much we have learned about prenatal development in the past month. Did you know that a majority of fetal brain development happens in the last month of gestation? So, in little Cameron's case, the pre-programmed abilities to suck, breathe and swallow are simply not there.

It's bizarre. One day, he doesn't know how to suck, the next day - he does.

Additionally, most brain development occurs when he is asleep. So, it's important to "get in and get out" - which can be a tough thing, as he gets cuter and cuter the more weight he puts on. We want to hold him! But no... Gotta get him bundled back up and off to snoozing.

So, where is Cameron right now? Well, he is completely off medication (except vitamins). He has graduated from "gavage" feedings (through the GI tube in his nose) to bottle feedings. Not every feeding is by bottle, and even sometimes halfway through we need to switch. It's really hard work for the little guy! But he has to eat all of his "meals" for two days straight from a bottle before he can come home, so the progress is definitely encouraging.

It's easy to get discouraged - but we have to keep in mind that the little guy shouldn't even be born yet!

And when I said “work hardâ€



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Final Cameron Update

I keep getting PMs and emails from many of you who are wanting an update. Sorry I don’t have more time to spend responding to your messages, but here I am. Additionally, this will likely be my last update here, as this thread really is a bit off-topic for the forum, and as baby life here approaches “normalcyâ€



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glad to see everything is working out. our prayers are still with you everyday and hopefully you will keep us updated. even though we don't respond, we are all wishing you the best in the world.


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Congratuations!!! Glad to hear that Cameron is at home and healthy!

Please do keep us updated!

Oh, and don't forget the baby pictures!



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Cameron is absolutely adorable. I wish the best for you and your family! Keep us posted! My prayers go out to you, your family, and most of all little Cameron.