Upload issues


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I have been trying to attach a picture, and keep getting upload error message. The jpeg is on 97kb. Some advice on what I am doing wrong would be appreciated.



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I was having trouble as well so I gave up.... If you go to a site like www.photobucket.com you can upload your pictures there and then copy and paste the img Code into your postings and the image will appear. Two advantages. After you originally upload it you will always have it online and it's easy to send to anyone to view. No size limitations.

Good luck.


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There are size limits (pixel wise) and i think they are like 600 pixels in any direction. Try resizing it with that in mind.


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Kid Nano you are the man! I had a post asking how to upload pictures and i was getting the same message. I was to lazy to look. But now, im going to be posting pics and hopefully get feedback!