Next NanoChat scheduled...


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Hello all!

We haven't had a scheduled chat in a long time, so we scheduled our next chat for Sunday, October 8th. The topic will be "General Beginner Topics". We would like to gear this chat towards the large amount of new members who have recently joined us at This will be a perfect opportunity for you to come and ask those questions that have been bouncing around in your head and haven't been able to post. In addition, those of us with more "experience" will be there to share our knowledge and know-how. Allow us to share all of our blunders and bloopers so that you don't have to go through them as well!

So again, the date will be Sunday, October 8th, 2006. The time will be 11:00am PST. Here are the dates for those of you across the nation:

Pacific: 11:00am
Mountain: 12:00pm
Central: 1:00pm
Eastern: 2:00pm

And for those of you in the UK that might like to attend, that would be 7:00pm!

We look forward to seeing you all there!


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wish i could skip my job...but i need the money to keep the tanks going.... :cry:
if i come home early, ill be sure to drop by
for everyone that attends, have fun :mrgreen:


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If I'm still in town that weekend, I'll be there!

Thanks for setting this up Reefman. :mrgreen:


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drty811 said:
aawww man now i dont have to skip
:lol: too funny.. wish i had a job like that :lol: and well i do my best to be there!! hopefully im not pigging out in the buffe or something :lol:...


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The next nanochat is THIS Sunday!

I look forward to seeing you all there. Is there anyone who thinks they wont be able to make it?