next chat time and date set


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lets schedule the next chat for march 11 2006 at 4pm est time
that is a saturday on the care and propagation of corals from the beginner to the advanced
time zone
if you are est it will be 4 pm
west cost 1pm
mountian 2 pm
cntral 3pm
that is 2 weeks from today(2-25-06)
everyone is welcome


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Crap, I will be out of town at a reggae concert. :roll: Oh well, catch ya'll next time.

If someone feels up to it, it would be cool to save a copy of it in word. I did it last time and I think it was pretty cool for folks that missed it.


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It turns out that I will be at work without internet access unless something changes so it looks like I won't be attending after all. Hope everyone has fun and learns alot.


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Thx dj ill read it right now and thats the one i was refering to....not the other one and i keep missing the chats someday ill join if i have time during the weekend cause i have more time in the week than in weekends.... ohhh well

thx again dj.