New 10g long and intro


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hello everyone, my name is Hut. I live in Marina Del Rey, CA. I have a long 10g Nano reef. its pretty new about 2 months old. Ive seen lots of growth since I started it. it has 20lbs of LR and 20lbs of live fine sand. It has all the necessary gismos to make the go-round.

Fish: 1 Small Maroon Clown, 1 Cardinal, 1 long tentacle anemone.
Clean-up Crew: 4 Snails, 1 Emerald Crab, plenty of feather dusters.

1 Duncan, 4 mushrooms, 1 tree, 3 different groups of Zoanthids on 2 separate rocks, 1 kryptonight Candy Cane, 1 small Hammer, 1 leather and, 1 Pulsing xenia.

PH, 1.024, 0 Nitrites, almost 0 Nitrates

all in all the tank is doing great. I love it and it a pleasure to have in my apartment.

I have a few questions for you guy out there about the clown. Its a maroon clown and I know they can be nearly impossible to pair-up but, I was wondering if any of you have had success with pairing maroons? if so let please let me know how you did it and if it's worth a try. note, this clown was given to me for free because he slipped threw and quarantine cube that had another maroon in it. thus they fought and mine got pretty beat up. the previous owner gave him to me because he didn't think he would make it. but, I took good care of him and now he's doing very well. just put the anemone in there to see if it would host but no luck so far.

thanks for reading and here are some pictorials.