My new fluval spec


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Went down to Aquatic Specialties(lfs) Friday and eventually broke down and bought this:

(sorry for the picture being so big)
Also bought 2lbs of live rock and then realized i needed some water so since Aquatic Specialties was closed i went to coral connections(another lfs) and spent 4$ on 5 gallons of saltwater.
Then rushed home, threw it all together and came out with this:

Left for about 6 hours and came back to this:

I then realized how ugly the rock layout was and moved things around and am now thinking of staying with this:

Went saturday and picked up 1 mexican red leg hermit and 2 blu leg hermits:

Now im letting it cycle for a while then gonna get some small gobies then comes the coral. Ill be updating when things start happening.


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mikeguerrero said:
Where is everyone?
Mike, what's up? Haven't heard from you in a long time my friend. How's your brother?

How's life? My wife and I just had a baby so been really busy with that lately :alice