How many fish??

danny king

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Hi I'm a bit of a rookie at reefing!! Had my 20g nano set up for about 2 months and thinking about stocking with fish, Have already got 3 H crabs and 3 turbo snails, Plus loads of other critters that have come in on the LR!! Not sure how many fish I can get?? Was thinking about getting One black and white clown and One Tue perc clown!! Do you think they will pair up??


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They will probably want to kill each other, The perc. will win. :twisted:

It is difficult to get 2 clowns to live in a small tank let alone being different species.

My experience is that black and whites will be happier in a small tank than a perc. They like to swim around more because they are sightly more predatory than black and whites or occellaris.

Are you intending to keep corals?

If so you will need to consider the lighting, in tank flow, filtration ect.

If you can post what your system composes, we will be able to provide more accurate info..

Look forward to some pics...

:D :D


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I'm new at nano tanks, but I kept black morph percs and regular ocellaris in one tank. They do not associate with each other at all in my experience. There were minor squabbles on the rarest occasions, but they usually keep a distance from each other. Keep in mind, this was in a 45 gallon. I imagine there would be more frequent bickering in a smaller tank.


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yeh, I had two clownfish in a 10g tank and had two clown fish and 1 anemone. The bigger one is about 4 inch big, and small one is about 1 inch. I asked the LFS that if they will fight. He said no, I trusted him because I saw him host lot of clown fish in a small tank.

My smaller clown end up being killed