Future chat dates and scheduling ....


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Ok the poll is pretty much a 3 way tie so here is what we will do for the chats....... from the information gathered at the poll I think we have a good solution. Now I know that it is impossible to have the perfect time for every one but what we can do is try to make it easier for all to attend......So rather than set a "date" I am gonna try a permanent date so the last Sunday of every month at 2 pm est time there is a chat scheduled.
so here is the time translation starting east heading west .
Eastern. 2pm
Central . 1pm
Mountian. NOON
Pacific. 11 am

I know that summer is coming and getting on to chats will be a bit on the hard side for most but , that is why I am trying a permeant dated/day and time ...... I will post the dates and times (no subjects) for the time being in a different thread ......it is just easier to remember dates this way so I will translate it in a different thread :mrgreen:



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That should work out fine but I for one may need a reminder post (I am getting older you know and the mind slips sometimes). :roll: