Ericas 18 gallon FOWLR


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This is a fourm about the 18 gallon FOWLR I'm seting up for my girl friend i will try to up date with pics when ever we do something new to the tank

Tank: 18 gallon newport tank (half moon)
Filter: stock filter (media replaced with small broken up live rock)
Lighting: stock lighting 1, 8 watt actinic blue 1, 8 watt powe rglow
Pumps: 1 stock pump, 1 Via Aqua 360 (for water movement)
Rock/Sand: 3#'s of base rock, 19#'s of live rock, 10#'s of live sand

Livestock: there is nouthing but a ball of cheto in the tank as of now, but we plan on making it a FOWLR

thanks for looking, Ruben oh and i no i cant spell



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skipm, thanks for looking, were not sure about the fish ,yet but i already no what is ok and whats not so we will be ok ;-)