clean up crew


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Hey folks

Know of any snails or crabs that eat the waste products from other crabs and snails? I thought nassarius snails would do it but they have a taste for real food as they come out as soon as I put some in the tank and are only interested in the good stuff. As far as I'm concerned they're adding to the bioload and not helping me out.



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There will always be some waste from any animal...they all have to poop, you know? But if you have enough current in the tank, the detritus should be stirred up enough to be removed from the tank by your filtration.




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Yeah thats right jesse but also if you find something to eat the snails/crabs poo then who is gonna it the poo of does and so on .... :lol: sounds crazy haaaa :lol: :whever: :blow: (just ignore me :lol: )