Calcium deficiency


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My calcium is consistently down around 300-350. I've been using ESV B-Ionic Calcium Buffer system for a week now and my calcium level just wont come up. I've only been using the minimal dosing amount and tonight I doubled it which is still only half of what the maximum is. Anyway I saw this at my LFS and wanted to get some opinions. I know that not many people use calc reactors on small tanks but for $50 It seems like it might be worth it. I also might get and RO unit and start mixing my own water which will help as well. Let me know your thoughts.

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OK I did a little reading and I think my alk is too high. So I'm going to try just adding the 2nd part of my two part and try to let the alk come down a little and then just keep a close eye on it. hopefully the calcium will come up as the alk goes down. Does this sound about right? Then trying to find the right balance will be the hard part I guess. I'll probably start with a bigger then normal water change and then go from there. I'm guessing that trying to keep everything balanced with water changes and the two part buffer is a better solution then a calc reator. Especially since they say a reactor won't fix my problem. Right now I only have alk test strips and my color is always up at the top of the chart 300. but what I read says it should be down around 125 to 200. Does this all sound about right?


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KidNano. when alkalinity is high, your tank'ss Calcium concentrations will naturally be low. maintaining the proper balance is the key. you are looking for expensive and wrong solutions to your Ca problems. you don't need a Ca reactor at this time. you can easily overdose your system with this especially on such a small system. and you are using ESV B-Ionic 2 part buffer (i presume) in the wrong way. ESV 2 part buffer is used to MAINTAIN Ca and Alk and not raise Ca or Alk.

have you tested your tanks Magnesium concentration yet? Magnesium plays an important role in maintaining Ca and Alk balance.

what brand of Ca test kit are you using?

Alk test friend these are the wrong type of test kit. Highly inaccurate. you need precise testing equipment if you are going to DOSE anything liquid in your tank.

if you don't want to test your tanks water parameters however, change water regularly (10% each week) and don't add anything in tank except food. and you'll be surprise that this would correct (overtime ofcourse) almost ALL problems encounter by most of us.

if you are just as curious as me. Let me recommend this:

1. Salifert Ca, Alk, Mg test kit.
2. Kent's Turbo Calcium (Dry) to rapidly raise your Ca
3. Kent's Tech-M (liq)
4. Your current ESV B-Ionic (the 2nd bottle for Alk buffering).

use this link...been very helpfull to me. Our administrator djconn even sticky posted this for our use. LINK:

I am almost certain your Mg is below normal sea water range (1300 to 1500ppm). I am currently maintaining 1300 to 1350ppm Mg range.

using the link above...correct your systems Ca, Alk, and Mg to proper levels. Once you have corrected everything. Resume dosing EVS B-Ionic (2 part component) to MAINTAIN Ca and Alk balance.



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agreed - very good post glory

i especially like this quote:

"change water regularly (10% each week) and don't add anything in tank except food. and you'll be surprise that this would correct (overtime ofcourse) almost ALL problems encounter by most of us."

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Seconded. That's a very informative post.
The only question that I have. except it's probably about something else, relates to the comment 'don't add anything else except food'.
I am well aware of my FW fish requirements. But I am sure that I give my SW fish too much because I do not want to underfeed. High nitrates and phosphates are the result.
To take a concrete example, one of those little frozen cubes of say Mysis from Ocean Nutrition, how many (mysis eating) medium sized fish should it support for a day?
OK, what is medium sized. Let's say a 3 inch clown.


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Yeah thanks all.... In doing my reading I've realized a lot about this. however I do my 10% to 15% everyweek and it doesn't fix my issue becuase the water I purchase is low in these areas. I need to change where I get my replacement water before I do anything.