aquemeni5110's 2g Pico


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Found some time to post my 2g Pico. This will be my 3rd nano reef tank so I know a bit about nano reefs but of course I'm still learning the ropes. I like to customize my builds and create from scratch. In case you want to see the threads on those, here they are..

6g Nano
Custom built false wall, 70w 20k MH Lighting, ICA Chiller ... 27&start=0

3g Nano
AC Fuge Mod w/Skimmer Intake and PC Retro Fit Lighting ... 76&start=0

I started building my 2g in January and successfully got it running on 3-6-12. After careful testing, cycling was completed in about a week and a half. Not sure what types of corals I will have in here yet but I am open to any suggestions. Had plenty of time to plan out what I wanted to do this time around and am very pleased with the results so far. Here are the details..


  • Fluval Spec 2g (AIO)
  • TempTec 25w Heater
  • Maxi-Jet 404
  • Stock Pump 40gph (cirulation)
  • Cree LEDs 3x3w (RBx2,CWx1 via
  • Royal Blue Moonlight LED
  • Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Lite (via

  • Intake modded to raise water level
  • Cirulation pump drilled to fit inside the false wall

  • Weekly water changes (25%)
  • Cut filter pad changed weekly
  • Carbon changed bi weekly

  • 2lbs Fiji Live Rock
  • Yellow Stripe Goby (Picture coming soon)
  • *Would like to buy a Green, Yellow or Citron Clown Goby

Clean Up Crew
  • Astrea Snail x1
  • Hermit Crab x1
  • *Would like to buy a shrimp. Possibly a Sexy, Harelquin or a Spotted Cleaner? Input?
  • *Tiny starfishes (Dime size). Does anyone where to buy them?

  • Additional Digital Aquatics RKM-PC4 (Plug strip)
  • Digital Aquatics RKM SL-1 Module (For probes and ATO)
  • DA pH Probe
  • Digital Aquatics Double Float Switch Kit
  • Tom Aquatics Aqua-Lifter Dosing Pump

Future Plans
  • ATO
  • Auto Dosing; DT's Phytoplankton, Other Additves???
  • Cooling fan over the first chamber
  • Build a closed cover to lessen evap

Found a stand/cabinet at my local thrift store for $15. Yes, That is a Shadowbox picture frame. Stay tuned.

My Aquascape

$5 Shadowbox picture frame and $4 Radio Shack box enclosure to house the Cree LEDs via Their service is great and they ship out fast.

Originally, I had this hard drive cooling fan setup but have decided to go with a single fan setup.

Having a McGyver moment. :mrgreen:

Initially, I had a red led in the mix but the redness was too much so that spot will be available in case I want to add another CW LED.

Reefkeeper Lite via Plenty of good stuff for smaller tanks. Check it out if you haven't already. Thanks Mike!

First Addition: Green Candy Cane

Hitched a ride on the Green Candy Cane: Button Polyp.


Hope to take better pictures as these came out a bit blurry and some came from my iPhone.

Thanks for looking!


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I've decided to go topless. It just looks better but the evap is crazy. ATO is on the way. I'm cutting out an acrylic piece to cover the top of the false wall. I've also ordered a bigger single fan for the heatsink.

Yellow Stripe Goby




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Running for 2 weeks now, I've added carbon and changing the filter pad when needed. Testing frequently while monitoring evap. Lights are on from 11am-6pm and moonlight from 11pm-5am.

Just arrived:

- Digital Aquatics RKM-PC4 (power strip)
- Digital Aquatics RKM-SL1 (probes/switches)
- Digital Aquatics Double Float Switch kit
- Tom Aquatics Aqua-Lifter Dosing Pump

In the works:

- I cut out a piece of black acrylic to cover the top of the false wall but it was too thin and began to bow so I bought a thicker piece to recut.

- Planning to mount a cooling fan above the 1st chamber only to turn when temps get high.

- Installing the ATO. It will be a custom install since I have limited space in the 2nd (return) chamber.


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Installed the RKM-PC4 and SL1

12pcs of acrylic; cut, filed and glued - Not the best craftsmanship but none the less, we have a float switch mount.

Gots some Zoas today. Eagle Eyes and not sure what the ones on the right are.


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mikeguerrero said:
I took another look at your build, and your aqua scape is just INSANE! I love it! :)
Thanks Mike. I'm currently building a 55g and am planning to do a DIY Rockwall. Have you heard of those?