6gallon Nano modification with sump


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This is my first step into the saltwater world. I am using this setup as a learning device before I design a slightly larger more elaborate tank. Just looking for feedback on things I can improve on. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

This setup started out as a 6 gallon JBL nano cube that I completely octopus proofed by sealing everything off and cutting a piece of glass to cover the top. Also removed the two separating plastic pieces in the back to make room for an overflow box. Modified the current JBL lid to accommodate the overflow box and new intake.

15 gallon sump tank
Glued three pieces of glass to make the sump. One small area for the three pumps. One protein skimmer pump, future UV sterilizer pump, and one for the circulation between the two tanks. Second small area is for the macro algae(chaeto), later modified for less water flow. When I added the Aqua C Remora Protein skimmer I added a piece of glass to route the water away from the skimmer pump.

Sump has one HO T5 10,000 k bulb One 55 Watt Actinic and one 14 watt 10,000k. Its the fixtures I had laying around so that is what had to work with. Plus a compact florescent 14 watt for the macro algae (chaeto).

Protein Skimmer is a Aqua C Remora with a RIO 1100

Circulating pump is a Rio 800

About 12 gallons of total water

10Lbs of live sand

10lbs of live rock

10 Hermit crabs

2 peppermint shrimp

2 emerald crabs

3 frags of various zoanthid corals

1 piece of tonga rock with a star coral colony ( not sure if thats right )



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HOLY CRAP! Nice mod!! Where are you now in the process? I've never seen an octo in a nanocube :shock: