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    Jesse's 12g AP w/70 watt Sunpod

    When are you going to post an updated shot of your tank?
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    Jesse's 12g AP w/70 watt Sunpod

    That's a bummer. I just moved too. shut my tank down and traded everything for a puppy. keeps the wife off my back because she wasn't thrilled with the move. Good luck to you.
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    Help!! What is wrong with my polyps?

    to start we need some information. 1. How old is your tank and how long have you had these polyps and the clown? 2. What is your specific gravity? 3. what kind of lighting are you using? 4. what kind of salt are you using? 5. Do you have any other coral? 1st thing is stop using treated...
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    Nitrogen Cycle

    0 ammonia and 0 nitrite with a nitrate reading to me says the tank has cycled. What size tank do you have? did you use live sand? I would do two things. 1. bring your salinity up to 1.026. This is what natural sea water typically reads. I've found that it also helps maintain the proper...
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    Jesse's 12g AP w/70 watt Sunpod

    That's awesome. Do you want my tank?
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    Well i'm sitting here at my mom's house wondering what's going to happen with my condo. We watched TV last night and as the building right next door to ours burned to the ground I just had a dire urge to get in and see if my home and reef were OK. my brother in Law and I rode our bikes in...
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    video on youtube

    that tank is quite full. looks good. thanks for sharing.
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    need advise on my first nano tank

    Your welcome. Here are some pretty good links that you'll want to read and then save in your favorites for future reference.
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    need advise on my first nano tank

    :welcome to Nanotank. first i'd like to say be patient because when you ask for a lot of advice your usually going to get it. and in this hobby that means a lot of differing opinions. some based on research, some based on experience and some on hearsay. be careful and get multiple...
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    total newb looking for advice

    first of all...... :welcome to nanotank. Everyone I know that has the JBJ 28 Gallon HQI loves it. I personally have never heard anything bad about it. If it fits the budget then I say go for it. That tank doesn't require any upgrades and it'll will leave your options open as you mature in...
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    My 24G new tank

    yeah frogspawn grows like crazy when it's happy.
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    Clowns finally decided to host anenome, questions

    They will do this however mine doesn't do it that often. Have you been feeding it? They love meaty food. Silver sides or mysis shrimp. Try feeding it every 3 days and see how it responds. That's great that they hosted it. It's a lot of fun to watch. becareful with your hands in the tank...
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    Jesse's 12g AP w/70 watt Sunpod

    looks great jesse. Wheres that awesome elephant ear? Yeah that is one of the original frags from that rock. there were 6 or so. Gotta go bath with the kid.
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    Halloween plans?

    We're taking the little Elmo to the in-laws neighborhood party and entering her in the costume contest. Then we'll go to a few houses to get some candy and hang out around the fire pit giving out candy. Should be fun.
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    My new cube build!!!!

    totally a bristle worm. Check out this link. save it in your favorites or bookmarks. It's a good one for future reference.