NWRS/UPMMAS Coral Swap April 9th


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The members of NWRS are happy to announce our Third Annual Frag Swap that will be held on April 9th 2011 at the Quality Inn (Holiday Inn), Rhinelander, WI! We are also pleased to again say the Swap will be co-hosted by our neighbors; the Upper Peninsula of Michigan Marine Aquarium Society(UPMMAS)!
Where: Quality Inn (Formally Holiday Inn), Rhinelander, WI.
When: Saturday, April 9th, 10:00am - 3:00pm cst. (Coral Trader setup, Friday, 4:00 - 8:00pm & Saturday, 8:00 - 10:00 am)

The 2011 swap should be bigger and better than last year.
- The Coral Swap will have an amazing selection of coral, all at tremendous prices for you to purchase from our Traders—all coral experts, in their own right, always willing to answer questions and give you suggestions on how to take care of your coral purchases.
- Silent Coral Auction, again this year, one of our major sponsors Foster & Smith’s LiveAquaria is donating coral from Diver’s Den for our silent auction.
- There are four ways in which attendees or coral traders can receive or win great items!
1) There will be Free Goody Bags to anyone who registers as an attendee. The giveaway items are of limited quantity and are on a "first come - first receive" basis.
2)Coral Trader Gift Certificate Drawing. Free to all attendees. The certificates can be redeemed at the Coral Trader's Table.
3) Door prize drawings will be held every hour staring at 11:00am cst.
4) Grand prize drawing will be held at 3:00pm cst. The grand prize will be a pair (2) of Vortec MP10ew ES. Other prizes to be announced.
Again this year, the Drs. Foster & Smith Retail Store will be offering a 10% discount on all dry-goods purchased the day of our swap! The map and discount coupon will be available at the swap registration table.
If you don't see it in the store, take a catalog at one of the front counters. You can order any dry-goods out of the catalog that you want. When you are ready to check-out, show the friendly person at the front counter what you want from the catalog and they'll run back to the warehouse and get it for you!! It is like the World's largest pet store inventory to choice from. Hint: I usually shop the catalogs or the website and make a shopping list before I get to the store. It will save you alot of time! More information about the Drs. F&S Retail Store can be found: HERE
* Basic Admission = FREE
* Special Admission = $5.00 includes 5 free dry good raffle tickets
* VIP Admission = $10.00 includes 5 free dry good raffle tickets + 1 free grand prize tickets.



Any questions or help regarding the Swap Meet will be answered promptly by contacting: [email protected] or [email protected]


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Here is our updated list of Coral Traders!

House of Coral
JimsReef (2FarNorth)
Limpit's Reef
LSMAC (Club Tank)
Mark Moeller
Paul's Corals
Pet Stop Crew
Polyp World
UPMMAS (Club Tank)
T and Z Aquatics
The coRal nuT
Tom n' Mary

You can find for info about our event HERE


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Coral Trader Gift Certificates Drawing: Free to all registered attendees. The $20 certificates can be redeemed at the Coral Traders Table. The Coral Trader Gift certificate will be at 11:30am. cst.

Door Prize Drawings will be held starting at 11:30am, 1:00pm and 2:30pm. cst.

Grand Prize Drawing will be held at 3:00pm cst.

We are receiving a overwhelming response from dry-good companies. As of today we have over $4,200. in donations and we have confirmations for more to still be added to our list!

Here is the donation list:

NWRS - 2 (1pair) VorTech MP10w ES
Dr's Foster & Smith Aquatics - (2) 2150L & 3300L High Head Submersible Pump, Wavepoint 24” T5 2 Light Fixture, IceCap 48" 2lt T-5 retrofit kit & more to be added!
Unique LED Lighting - Prism AC LED Fixture with adjustable dual color spectrum
Orphek Led Lighting - So to be released - PR-25 LED Fixture
AquaticLife - 3300L High Head Submersible Pump
Dr's Foster & Smith Outlet Store - Tank Maintenance Kit
Aquatic Ultraviolet - Advantage 2000 8w UV filter
Rod's Foods - (5) Rod's Multi-Packs
UV Lighting - (6) T5 48" Lamps
DT's Plankton Farm - (12) 15oz Phytoplankton
Reef Gently - AccliMate
OmegaSea - Asst. Flake Food
ZooMed - 5pk T8 24" BulbsT8 24" Bulbs, 3pk T5 24" bulbs, 511 Canister Filter, Powersweep Powerhead & over 120 small items too numerous to mention!
CaribSea - (2) 1 gal ARM & (64) Purple-UP
Mighty Magnet
1 - $50 Gift Certificate
Reef Nutrition - Reed Mariculture Inc. (2) Phyto-Feast (2) Artic Pods (2) Oyster-Feast (2) Tigger-Pod (2) Oyster-Feast (2) Mysis Feast (50) brochures (50) feeding charts

Microbe-Lift- Ecological Laboratories - (2) special blend 4oz (2) Gravel & Substrate Cleaner (4 oz) (2) Herbtana 4oz

Kordon- Korrallin - (6) Amqel Plus 16oz (6) Novaqua 16oz

Vertex - Vertex Aquaristik - (3)Pro Bio Pellets

Watch for more additions and updates here.