Micro-Reefs Special...


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In summer of 2004, I entered an award winning 1.6 gallon pico, that took first prize! My pico was photographed and featured in a European Salt Water Magazine! B)

My heart has always been small hence our company name! :)

So to kick off my 8 year anniversary of entering that contest, I decided to create an awesome Office Ecosystem pico!

She's on our site for Sale! and the special is she comes with free live rock, hand chosen by me and sculpted by me, there is a reason I won first prize! ;)

Here are the pics:

No need to wait! They are in Stock!

This is what I send out...

Setup is a breeze...

Place in FREE! live rocks...

Turn on your light...

Enjoy your new tank, inspired by ME!

Your corals will dazzle your co-workers..

Order now while supplies last! Only $74.99



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Well done Mike, i was gonna order your setup the other day but then i realize i like setups with filter wall, that should be your next project Mini setups but with filter incorporated :mrgreen:

But still a pretty good deal and crisp look ;-)