Marine store list with my opinions about them.


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Here's a post I sent to, in return for a recommendation/review of Austin stores. I've got a list without the review/recommendation as well if you want it.

This is of course just my opinion concerning these stores based on my own experiences with them over the last year. Other people have had different experiences, so their opinions might differ.


Aquarium World, 13157 Northwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77040, phone 713-329-9989
Nice clean, huge store. Huge 70,00gal tank. Most expensive place in town. Employees run the gamut in helpfulness/knowledge. They garantee their fish for 7 days, but if you want to collect they need a water sample, and their definitions of correct water quality are strange ex.. recommended salinity is 1.020. Sometimes they have stuff the other stores don't, this is the only reason I will go in periodically.

Aquatic Designs, No more storefront, by appt. only. 713-467-9997
Keith used to have a storefront that had good prices on normal stock, and he would get in quite a bit of more rare cherry-picked critters. They lost their lease recently so the storefront is no more. He's still in the maintenance business however, and is willing to sell to the public, but it's
by appointment only. Keith is a great guy to ask advice from on tank building or setups.

Aquatic World, Jones Rd and Hwy 290, Houston, TX , phone 281-970-0169.
Not terribly clean or neat. Service is lacking and their coral prices are a little on the high side. One of the most ignorant helpers I've ever seen was in this store. Didn't know what selcon was, rambled on and on about how clownfish were not symbiotic with anemones, but simply killed them over a short period of time, and would move on to the next host. Some of deals can be had on fish periodically. A friend that does Koi ponds says they're one of the best places in town for koi, but that their overpriced.

B & B Tropical Fish & Pet, 9226 FM 1960 Rd W, Houston, TX 281-469-3756
Again not a neat/clean store, but their prices are pretty good. They usually have different inverts, starfish, than anyone else in town. Their coral selection is terrible. Fish selection is very standard.

City Pets, 9901 Beechnut, Houston, TX, 77036 , phone 713-271-7387.
Generally a good place for a bargain. They usually have good coral selections, lots of fish, one of the few places to buy zoos, mushroom, frags. They ocassionally get in strange critters, like octopuses, peacock mantis, and jellyfish. I shop here often. They employ lots of kids, so it can be hard to find someone that's knowledgeable if you have questions.
Good prices on dry goods usually. Don't try to return anything.

Fish Ranch 2, Larkwood at 59 South, Houston, TX , phone 713-779-2593.
I've only bought a couple things from them. They sometimes have things the other stores don't, which is why I'll go through the store. They are always on the expensive side, and I've gotten lots of clueless, slow service from them.

Fish Land, 13155 Westheimer Rd # 114, Houston, TX, phone 281-497-3474.
Ask for Andy, he's the owner. Nice coral selections, nice fish selection. Things are healthy. The price on the glass is usually a little high, but Andy will almost always make you a deal that's a little bit cheaper.
Good place for drygood deals ocassionally. Good place for good prices on new tanks.

Neptune's Garden, 12823 Gulf Fwy, Houston, TX, 77034 , phone 281-481-4800
As far as I'm concerned the only good thing about this store is the location. There's only 2 stores this far south, and this is the expensive one. Everytime I've been in, they haven't had much in the way of stock. What they did have was unhealthy looking and very overpriced.

Global Fish N Pet, 8880 Bellaire Blvd Suite F, Houston, TX, 77036 , phone 713-771-4848, fax 713-270-7137.
I can't say enough nice things about Global. John and Sergio, are two of the three shopowners that I ask advice about fish, corals, and even setup from. They usually have a good selection of hard and soft corals, fish, and usually a few inverts. Fair prices on dry goods, and equipment.
Phenomenal customer service.

Planet Fish, 6715 Weslayan, Tx, 77005, phone 713-838-7788.
Toni is the owner of Planet Fish and she's the 3rd shopowner I feel comfortable asking advice about pretty much anything fish related. Their customer service is great. Good selection of corals, fish, and inverts. Things are generally healthy, and they're great about answering questions about their stock. Their can be a little on the high side, mostly on the dry goods, equipment.

T&T Fish and Reptile, 6862 Highway 6 South, Houston, TX , phone 281-933-3367.
Good store for inverts. Decent selection of corals, fish. Good place to find a used tank.

Tropical Fish Depot, 10150 Almeda Genoa, Houston, TX, 77075 , phone 713-941-0290, fax 713-941-5620.
Somewhat dirty store. Not much in the coral department. Everytime I go in they have some fish I've never seen before in another store. Their fish prices are competitive, but I've never bought anything from them. Biggest selling point, is their location. There's only 2 stores this far south, and this store is the cheaper one.

Village Tropical Fish, 3612 S. Shepherd, Houston, TX , phone 713-524-0173.
Ok selection on corals and fish. Although they seem to sell stuff very quickly when they get a shipment in. They used to be a tad overpriced on most things, but with new management prices have dropped to fair compared to the other stores in town. Darrel the SW manager seems to know his stuff and is very good about special ordering things for customers. I've had a hard time getting decent service in this store in the past, but the last few times I've been in they've been better. All around I think they've improved this store in the last several months. This is a great store for planted freshwater tanks, or so I've heard from my friends that have done those types of tanks.

Since Houston is so spread out, there are several other little stores that might carry a few salt water tanks, but I haven't hit them all. The ones I have hit, I'm not listing for the same reason I'm not listing Petco. They just don't cut it.

I'll group some of the stores together geographically.

South Houston. I-45 South and Beltway 8 area, if you're headed towards Galveston, or returning from there.
Neptune's Garden
Tropical Fish Depot

If you're coming in from 290, these are pretty easy to hit together.
Aquarium World
Aquatic World
B B Tropical Fish & Pet

If you're near 610/59s galleria, greenway area, these are the closest to you.
Planet Fish
Village Tropical Fish

The following are located close enough to do them all in a 3-4hr time period, they're near the Bellaire chinatown area near Beltway 8 and Westheimer.
Aquatic Center
Global Fish and Pet
Fish Ranch II
Fish Land
Fish World
T & T Fish and Reptile


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Aquatic World on Jones Rd

Aquatic World on Jones Rd and 290 in Houston has closed its doors forever. Apparently I missed a great going out of business sale.



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Anyone know why they closed? That store was huge and actually more like a zoo than a fish store.


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Aquatic World Closing

I think if you read the review of this store in the original posting of Houston Fish stores, you will see why it closed. Very dirty and when the owner was not around there was no one there that knew what they were talking about or even cared to provide any service. As the former owner of a pet store I know that the only way the small guy can compete with the big guy (like the Petco's) is to provide more knowledge and better service than they do. We sure couldn't compete on prices. Funny but my youngest son ended up a Petco manager, but we had trained him well in our family store.

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