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    Oceanic Biocube 29 for sale

    Sorry, I sold that a while ago.
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    Goby ????

    I was recently told that a firefish goby (or dartfish) is not a goby. Is this true? Everything I have read refers them to be of the gobiidae family (gobies). What is the general consensus? ... 2&aid=1680
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    New fish ideas?

    If you have an ich problem I would highly suggest waiting 6-8 weeks before putting any fish in the tank. In that amount of time the the tank will go "foul" and the ich will have no host (fish) to stay alive. Then you can add fish. Here is a good source of nano fish suggestions...
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    Nano "TANK" suggestions.

    NP buddy. I really like the streamline look of the Cadlight tanks. They are a bit expensive for the larger tanks, so I ended up getting an oceanic biocube 29. I am still waiting for a furniture like stand to set it up on. I've already made all the mods for the fuge, and I think it will serve...
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    Nano "TANK" suggestions.

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    Nano "TANK" suggestions.

    Fishyman, if you really only want a 12 gal tank, I would recommend a CADlight 12 gal - especially if you plan on keeping coral. I like the curved glass on the AIO tanks. I would go with a little larger tank though. Just my $.02. ... ff7c3c845a
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    Ideas on my next fish...

    Yah, there are a handful of gobies that will hang with certain types of shrimp and share homes together. Its a pretty cool thing to watch. I meant 1 or 2 fish total for a 12 gal tank. Fish create quite a bioload for your filter system and since a 12 gal is pretty small it doesn't take much...
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    new tank...

    Hey rillidan the answers SaltwaterNewb gave you are pretty much spot on. It will take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to complete a cycle. Your best bet is to learn patience. Everyone suggests waiting because almost all of us have had problems in one area or another because of impatience...
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    Ideas on my next fish...

    You have a 12 gallon tank, correct? You probably can only get away with 1 other fish. 1 or 2 fish is max for that size tank IMHO. Clowns need 20 min according to many websites. If you're looking for a cool goby I like this one: ... pcatid=181
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    Skimmer for BC29

    Has anyone had any experience with using a smaller version of the sapphire skimmer in the 1st compartment of the BC29? For example the Sapphire skimmer for the NC24 or 12 is much smaller that the one made for the BC29 could it be used in the 1st chamber? I would like to make the second...
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    DIY MH in a BC29?

    "the pendant doesn't have the a high enough WAF (wife approval factor) for me to be able to keep it. She likes the clean look of the hood. I've tried selling her on the more stylish pendants (this one is an Outer Orbit) like the AquaMedic or Geismann (though the Giesmanns are a little pricy) -...
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    My DIY fuge light

    Another good point about the $$ of the bulbs. I have some black spray paint for metal, so I'll probably do that. Thanks so much for your input! :maitre
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    My DIY fuge light

    Good point about the paint tray. Yah, I'm going to have to mod the hole a bit to get the socket in the box. Do you think it would be better to just get the compact fluorescent light like the galaxy one and fix it to the back?
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    My DIY fuge light

    Oh duh. LOL I changed it to photobuckets. Try the second link again (above)
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    My DIY fuge light

    The shutterfly isn't working?????? Hmmmm, is it because I'm using a MAC? I closed out and then reopened the thread and it works fine for me.
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    My DIY fuge light

    Okay folks, here is my ghetto DIY fuge light for my new BC29. I got all my material from Home Depot. It cost around $25, so before I put it together I may take it back and just buy the compact fluorescent light ($28) like the galaxy one? ... catid=8154...
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    Skimmer ?

    Thanks for the tip. You are so good at responding to people's questions. :eclap
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    Skimmer ?

    Has anyone used the SR3 Protein Skimmer on their tanks? ... 1+C43.aspx
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    Modded NanoCube 12DX

    Hey Master Er I like your mods! On your fuge light what did you use to house the light bulb. In other words what did you use for the socket and where can I get one? I'm thinking of doing something similar for a fuge in my BC29.
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    Best place to buy a nano/bio cube besides craigslist or ebay

    Man! I'm in the D.C. area. Thanks anyway. I just bought a BC29 from Dr Foster & Smith.