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  1. skipm

    10.5 liters Nano tank

    That totally sucks! I guess there wasn't anything that you could have done though.
  2. skipm

    10.5 liters Nano tank

    Any tank updates on this?
  3. skipm

    Who do you think makes the best AIO (all-in-one) nano reef kit?

    I have a couple of the older JBJ's, a 6 and a 12. I always liked them after upgrading the return pumps for higher flow rates. I was considering one of the Coralifes but decided on using one of the 24 gallon Biocubes I already have. Red Sea also has some nice looking AIO's but I don't have any...
  4. skipm

    10.5 liters Nano tank

  5. skipm

    10.5 liters Nano tank

    I like it, a FW nano.
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    It is fairly quiet right now, Josh is working on getting things going on here again. This was a very busy forum at one time.
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    Happy 4th of July

    I want to wish all of you a safe and happy 4th.
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    What Do You Want to Discuss?

    What are some of the topics you want to see discussed here?
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    Sandbed or No? Give me your opinions

    Kinda wanting someone to play devils advocate here. On my next nano I am trying to decide whether to go bare bottom or sandbed. I know BB is easier to clean but to me a sandbed looks better and with a few nassarious snails cleaning is not a big deal. Try to convince me one way or the other.
  10. skipm

    Our 5-Gal Critter tank

    From what I've read the Hawaiian shrimp are brackish water not salt water shrimp. Everything else sounds okay as long as the worms and stars don't outgrow your tank.
  11. skipm

    Please help, is this an 6, 8 or 12 gal. Nano Cube?

    The display part is probably around 9 gallons with the other 3 in the rear area.
  12. skipm

    Office 4g

    They can be kept together as long as they can be kept far enough apart so that their sweeper tentacles can't reach each other.
  13. skipm

    Small crab and SPS life together(200 x microscope observati)

    I think that is an acro crab, they live in acropora colonies.
  14. skipm

    BC29 -- Advice on Next Steps for SPS

    If your having cal/alk problems you should probably start using something to supplement them, you could use a 2 part additive like ESVs B Ionic or use kalkwasser in your top off water. It doesn't make a lot of difference on the chamber order, I would stay with the way you have it though. Stay...
  15. skipm

    Need advice from experts please. I'm a total NOOBSTER

    There are many good books on aquarium keeping. Delbeek/Sprung are great references but might be too lengthy for a novice reefer. try looking up "The Nano Reef Handbook" by Chris Brightwell, "Mini Aquariums" by David E. Boruchowictz (Has both FW and SW info), "The Natural Reef Aquarium" by...
  16. skipm

    Salinity way over chart

    You will have to add more FW to get the salinity down, only water evaporates and not salt so your salt level will only increase with evaporation. Since you have an empty tank you can just remove water and replace it with FW, if it had livestock in the tank you would have to make the changes...
  17. skipm

    Salt forming along seam of tank wall-how do I repair a leak?

    There are many videos demonstrating resealing an aquarium on you tube. You will need to completely drain the tank prior to resealing.
  18. skipm

    feeding corals

    Most corals also benefit from regular feedings of one or two times weekly. Do a little research on whats in your tank and feed them food of the appropriate size and type.
  19. skipm

    Which nano for seahorses? Opinions needed ASAP

    I'm not familiar with the tanks you list but keep in mind that seahorses need a taller tank rather than length or width.
  20. skipm

    Pico fish for pico tank

    IMO a pico is too small for fish, inverts would be a better fit. You could add a pair of sexy shrimp, bumble bee or bongo shrimp (if you can meet feeding requirements), snails, blue legged hermits, etc. Avoid the larger snails unless you have a larger tank you can transfer them to as they...