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    Well i'm sitting here at my mom's house wondering what's going to happen with my condo. We watched TV last night and as the building right next door to ours burned to the ground I just had a dire urge to get in and see if my home and reef were OK. my brother in Law and I rode our bikes in...
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    New Mods

    I just noticed we have a couple new mods and the ones that we use to have, but didn't really have are gone. It's about stinkin time. :eclap Congrats to the new mods and please serve your people well. :langle
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    amazing robotic fish ... D=30085834 Amazing Robotic fish. This would probably help reduce nitrates, huh?
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    The Red Bug

    Well after all of Johns warnings about dipping my corals before I put them in my tank I still didn't do it. I did buy it. Just didn't use it. My new acro has the red bug. It's currently soaking in a tub with Seachem's reef dip coral disinfectant. Will this kill the red bugs?
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    Just sharing

    My LFS has been upgrading a little and getting a little more serious about what they're selling....... anyway I was completely blown away when I was down there last week. Sorry for the poor quality pics.... camera phone. The Dragon- I've always seen these going for like $1400, but he was...
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    My male watanabe

    I think he's going to die. He's looking pretty skinny and has become kind of picky with what he eats. Today he didn't eat at all. OK so I wake up from a nice afternoon nap come out to check on my friends here and I notice that he's just swimming in one place. He normally roams and picks all...
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    HD Theater "Equator"

    Anyone with HD Theater you need to keep an eye out for a show called "Equator". Amazing shots from the indo pacific reefs and some interesting facts about coral and fish. I watched it last night and was quite happy that I found it.
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    two quick questions

    just stopped by my trusty LFS to get some water and food. He jokingly told me that he was going to turn me in for abuse because I only feed my fish a few times a week. "Fish are like people, would you like to only be fed a few times a week?" What are all your thoughts on this. Sold me silver...
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    Yellow Eyed Tang

    Anyone know anything about Yellow Eyed Tangs? My LFS has one and I fell in love with it. It seems really skittish and really active.
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    Show and Tell, anyone?

    Anyone want to Play Show and Tell? Or just show is good. This is a FTS of my tank from just a few days ago. I'm very slowly trying to get it filled up. The two small monti caps I got a while ago are growing really well. All my zoos and shrooms are starting to spread out. Frogspawn is doing...
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    What exactly is this?

    OK, I know it's some kind of hair algae. It's a lot prettier then any pics of hair algae that I've scene but I looked into maidens hair and I'm pretty sure it's not that either. Should I get rid of it. I've had this rock for 10 months and it's the only Rock with it. All the others are...
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    Calcium deficiency

    My calcium is consistently down around 300-350. I've been using ESV B-Ionic Calcium Buffer system for a week now and my calcium level just wont come up. I've only been using the minimal dosing amount and tonight I doubled it which is still only half of what the maximum is. Anyway I saw this...
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    A bad idea

    Don't ever mix clowns. Wow what a bad idea. I had the tomato in a 12 gallon. Then I got a 60 gallon and got a maroon. Then I decided to sell the 12 and put everything into the 60 including the tomato. The tomato was bigger then the maroon at the time and they fought a little in the begining...
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    Candy Cane

    I'm new to Candy canes. Are the strings coming out of these polyps how they eat? If not what are they for. They were all out like crazy last night and I thought maybe it was croaking on me and then this morning all is back to normal. I figured they were just feeding but not sure.
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    My new Crocea

    Anyone know what this worm thingy on the side of this clam is? I bought it from Jesse and didn't notice this thing until I got it home. It appears to be bothering the clam so I'm not sure if I should try to remove it or if it's the clams friend or what. Advice would be appreciated.
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    I have 6 different colonies of Zoas on one large rock. They've all been doing really well, but about two weeks ago one of them closed up and hasn't reopened. there are two polyps out of the whole bunch that are still consistantly opening. Any ideas what would cause this. i've searched and...
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    Lighting Emergency

    I came home to find my lights out. curious. Well I check the plug and it was plugged in. It's a T5 Tek Retrofit 2x54 kit. I got it about 3 months ago with brand new bulbs. Never had any trouble. Has run perfectly until now. OK so in the last few days I fried the power bar that it was...
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    Where'd everybody go?

    Is it just me or does it seem as though there is a lot less activity on this site? Where is the monthly photo competition? where is the enthusiasm this place had just a few months ago even? Is everyone just too busy these days?
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    My poor new Watanabe Angel

    There is a small whitishy yellow thing one the side of my new Angelfish. I tried to look up what it could be and I've narrowed it down to a Fungis which they described as looking like a little cotton ball, a Cancerous growth which they said looks like cauliflower or a wound from getting into it...
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    Zero Edge

    Has anyone seen these before? At first glance I thought it was just another gimmicky way to make a buck but when you watch the video it really is impressive how flat and smooth the water serface is... And it provides a whole new way to view your tank with...