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    help! don't wanna lost my snowflake polyps

    ok, turns out he's a flowerpot coral, not a polyp colony. so i guess i'm s.o.l. if he's closed up and stony. yay, another $80 down the tubes! remind me why i'm doing this again? i never used to be the kind of person that liked to feel helpless, guilty, and piss away money...*sigh*
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    help! don't wanna lost my snowflake polyps

    I have had this fantastic lime green snowflake polyp colony for around 6 months or so. He’s been happy, though smaller than when he started, which I attributed to constantly being brushed by shrimp and crabs. On Sunday, I did a tank clean, and stirred up a lot of gravel, trying to get rid of...
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    is garlic enough for me?

    that gramma is long gone, i woudn't swear by the garlic. i eventually went to no-ich, which helped, but i think i started that so far into the treatment it was too late. i've since gotten a new gramma, bigger and healthier, who's been fine for a month and now has spots. i'd swear they showed up...
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    Oceanic Biocube 29gal?

    I have an Oceanic Biocube, which I got in February. It's a great tank, and really convenient. However, in the 5 months, one fan was defective (noisy, bad bearings), a ballast went out, the actinic bulb went out, one of the screw pegs holding the plastic light lens on broke, and the lid never fit...
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    seemingly dumb question about possibly dead fish

    Hi All, My Royal Gramma has disappeared. Now, I know Grammas have sometimes been known to hide, for weeks, in the rocks. But, I had him for 2 months and he was out, active, eating like a Hoover. Then, poof! gone. (ok, he had been battling ich, so let's not say he was totally healthy) He is not...
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    I'm Baaaaaaaaaack!!!

    alex, watcha using for the flatworms? i used 'flatworm exit' and it was amazing, those suckers started craoking in minutes. i sucked a bulk of them out beforehand with a siphon of mini airline tubing, then sucked the floaters out after treating. i forgot to add some a week later, and had some...
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    A little advice

    be VERY careful about buying live rock online. I personally never would. You have no idea if it's cured or for how long, meaning there could be all sorts of dead clams and other organisms rotting in the rock when it's in your tank. I only bought cured live rock. The store I got mine is very good...
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    is this algae, bacteria, something bad, what is it???

    hi guys. recently these bluish hairs have been hanging from and on and through my big batch of halimeda macro. I've read about Halimeda creating spores that can cause problems in the tank, but so far this hairy stuff is just on the macroalgae. I don't know if this is something related to the...
  9. J

    do i take these out?

    ok, so all of a sudden my gorgeous tree coral is closed up and unhappy. i took a closer look, and saw all these red guys on its base. I have not seen them before, and it's like they appeared overnight. Poking around the web, they appear to be vermetid snails. I hear they can reproduce quickly...
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    another i.d. site

    here's another i.d. site (you have to click on the pictures to get to each category, took me a second to figure that out). not a bad one...
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    A little advice

    well, biocubes are 'new' if you haven't been fishing for a while. the advantage is that all the filter stuff is contained behind the back wall, leaving the open tank space free of tubes and boxes and heaters and such. advantage to salt is it doesn't necessarily need a heater, depending on where...
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    is garlic enough for me?

    or not! spots are back and gramma is even more unhappy than before. Though according to seachem, i should medicate for a couple weeks to last out the life cycle of the parasite, ditto with garlic, so i hope they can last that long. what i don't know is, should i do a water change at any...
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    fringy things and snakey worms...

    can you tell i have the day off of work? while i've noticed wacky critters in my nano, i haven't investigated. now that i'm starting to, i'm addicted! so here are two things. first, this crazy worm, with coloration like a snake (alternating brown/gray stripes) that has been hanging in this...
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    starry night

    don't think there's much in this pic to identify with, but perhaps I'm more excited to find this guy and post him. out of nowhere a couple weeks ago, i look in the tank in the morning moon lights and wham! there's an honest-to-goodness starfish! I have tons of brittle stars, but I felt like I...
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    or is it one of these STOMATELLA VARIA?
  16. J

    hitchhiker guide

    this is awesome! i figured out what some of my macroalgae is, finally!
  17. J

    Another ID site

    thanks! great site, never would have found that on my own. Not surprisingly, though, it doesn't help me i.d. some of the weird-ass stuff in my tank! lol
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    so if you look in front of the snail in this picture you'll see a slug-looking critter. he just showed up the other day, and of course i was super-excited, but had no clue what it was. I think it might be a limpet? what i could see of his head looked snail-like with antennae, and he moved like...
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    is garlic enough for me?

    so wondering if i caught it early enough, i made a bunch of frozen food mush with the garlic and added Focus 5:1 and Metronidzole and within a couple days everything was fine. no more white spots! my leather coral bounced back without issue, the crabs and shrimp are fine, so no complaints! oddly...
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    is garlic enough for me?

    so glad you replied, i've been freakin! thanks as always alex! we'll see what happens!