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  1. Josh

    Salinity way over chart

    Can't overemphasize - do not add salt directly to the aquarium. I see it again and again. Not a good step to get lazy with
  2. Josh

    Pico fish for pico tank

    I happen to agree Skip. Pico is pretty small for 99% of fish. There may be some tiny guys out there that can thrive in a pico
  3. Josh

    Another mystery guest help...

    Older post but I also like these guys and tend to allow them to stick around. They'll be first to go if I notice them messing with anyone else though!
  4. Josh

    Adding new features. Any suggestions?

    Adding new features. Any suggestions?
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  10. Josh

    What's the most annoying/weirdest stowaway you've found in your tank?

    You know, like the random starfish you KNOW you didn't buy. Or those pesky fire worms! We need to make like a Stowaway Hall Of Fame!
  11. Josh

    Anyone ever use Magic Eraser for Nano Tank cleaning?

    It seems like a risky risky move but I've heard again and again that these are good at removing pesky algae. Anyone have any first hand experience?
  12. Josh

    What is a refugium?

    You need like an overflow weir siphon with a safety setup if you dont want to cut into either tank
  13. Josh

    Lighting help on standard 5.5g (LED)

    I may be different than most but I'd rather shell out the money for the stuff that I know will work and work well. I don't need top of the line stuff but I don't mind spending hard earned money for solid middle-of-the-road equipment. Just me, but it's worked well thus far!
  14. Josh

    How many fish??

    Old topic, but I also would not crowd the clowns. They're great fish but their aggressiveness towards each other is under-reported
  15. Josh

    Memorial Day

    Thanks Skip! Hope you had a good one!
  16. Josh

    Ages? Occupation? Pics?

    Let's top this one. I'm 35 married one son. Living in Southern California. Photo coming
  17. Josh

    Coralife LED 32 Aquarium

    I like them. They're "dumbed down" a little but it really just makes things easier for the beginner. I'd say give it a shot but just be careful because eventually you'll be in neck-deep again! ;)
  18. Josh

    My 32g Reef

    I love seeing that all these photos were successfully restored. Hopefully people will begin adding their photos to the new gallery
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