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    2.42g DIY Rimless Pico

    I like the look!
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    Pico for my Wife

    Yes I pushed the rock into place as the foam was expanding! Thanks, I hope to have some pics up this weekend.
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    My 12g nano

    Ushio 14K
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    My 12g nano

    Just got a new bulb! so it's just beaking in!
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    My 12g nano

    Thanks I keep getting ideas for my rockwork from here and RC. I've had the digitata for 3 months now, there has been 1/8th of an inch of growth under the 70 watt HQI bulb.
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    My 12g nano

    After an outbreak of flatworms, and hair algae. I decided to redo my cube. I had already replaced the MJ 600 with a MJ 1200 and added a small fountain pump. All of the rock work was superglued and epoxied to gether so I can lift it out in one piece. I have added an extra 32 watt Super Actinic CF...
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    Pico for my Wife

    Here is a used Pico I picked up for my wife. We are planning to house mushrooms and some zoas. I used some coral rubble I've had out side for several years now, superglued to plastic eggcrate. Then using spray foam to set it in place and fill spaces. I place the rocks to make small...
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    Boiling h2o didn't work for me, as the water cooled off too fast to get it to the anenome. Joe's juice on the other hand worked wonders in my 50g.
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    Flat worms?

    usually flatworms may be blasted off the rock with a turkey baster. I just nuked my 14g pod with flatworm exit 2 weeks ago and I haven't seen any since then.
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    What does baby aptasia/feather dusters look like?

    Aptasia does not have a hard shell.
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    Coolest thing!

    Yes sounds like a pod.\!
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    frags in az

    There is a used one here in Tucson.