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    Comments, Advice on my 14 bc! New pics

    Just figured out how to upload pictures on here. I recently changed the set up of my tank from a cave to a cove. The new design gives more space for corals and is more pleasing to the eye. I have a 14g BC with stock lighting. I added a powerhead for a bit more flow behind the rocks and i also...
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    Upload issues

    Kid Nano you are the man! I had a post asking how to upload pictures and i was getting the same message. I was to lazy to look. But now, im going to be posting pics and hopefully get feedback!
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    Picture Size?! HELP

    Help pls Come on guys. i wanna post my pictures so i can get some use out of this site. Any help?!
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    Picture Size?! HELP

    If someone could post a thread or shed some light on why i cant attach my photos of my tank on here, that would be great! it said my pixels are too high and the file is too big. Im talking them on a samsung galaxy nexus, sending them to my email and trying to post them from there. Any help, that...
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    NEW!! 12 Gallon BioCube

    I have been reading the forums for general information about salt water aquariums, especially about nano reef tanks. I recently (yesterday) sold my 55 gallon fresh water aquarium and invested my money into something a little bit smaller and more manageable. I bought a 12 gallon bio cube w/...