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  1. Josh

    10.5 liters Nano tank

  2. Josh

    Forum Suggestions

    If you have any feedback for us please leave it here. We're always open to making this a better and more user-friendly site. Your insights and feedback are very much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  3. Josh

    Who do you think makes the best AIO (all-in-one) nano reef kit?

    I personally love JBJ stuff but you definitely have to have the budget to afford their stuff. It's probably worth the cost but the additional require up front can be prohibitive for many. Another option that I like is the Coralife Nanocube. The price point is much more reasonable IMHO but the...
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  5. Josh

    10.5 liters Nano tank

    Hey nice work! I dig it!
  6. Josh

    Salinity way over chart

    Can't overemphasize - do not add salt directly to the aquarium. I see it again and again. Not a good step to get lazy with
  7. Josh

    Pico fish for pico tank

    I happen to agree Skip. Pico is pretty small for 99% of fish. There may be some tiny guys out there that can thrive in a pico
  8. Josh

    Another mystery guest help...

    Older post but I also like these guys and tend to allow them to stick around. They'll be first to go if I notice them messing with anyone else though!
  9. Josh

    Adding new features. Any suggestions?

    Adding new features. Any suggestions?
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  15. Josh

    What's the most annoying/weirdest stowaway you've found in your tank?

    You know, like the random starfish you KNOW you didn't buy. Or those pesky fire worms! We need to make like a Stowaway Hall Of Fame!
  16. Josh

    Anyone ever use Magic Eraser for Nano Tank cleaning?

    It seems like a risky risky move but I've heard again and again that these are good at removing pesky algae. Anyone have any first hand experience?
  17. Josh

    What is a refugium?

    You need like an overflow weir siphon with a safety setup if you dont want to cut into either tank
  18. Josh

    Lighting help on standard 5.5g (LED)

    I may be different than most but I'd rather shell out the money for the stuff that I know will work and work well. I don't need top of the line stuff but I don't mind spending hard earned money for solid middle-of-the-road equipment. Just me, but it's worked well thus far!
  19. Josh

    How many fish??

    Old topic, but I also would not crowd the clowns. They're great fish but their aggressiveness towards each other is under-reported
  20. Josh

    Memorial Day

    Thanks Skip! Hope you had a good one!