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    Lighting Issues

    Well, since I couldn't fit the 4X24 I went ahead and purchased the 2X24. I'm pleased with it, I now have a green birdsnest under it, but its to early to tell how it will fair. The tank is a mixed reef. I currently have xenia, various zoas, acans, frogspawn, and the birdsnest in it.
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    Lighting Issues

    Ok, so I'm downsizing my 15gl to one of those 6.6 bookshelf tanks. I currently have a 150w MH over the 15gl, I figured the 150 would fry the little 6.6 if I used it, so I want to give T-5s a try. The Current Nova Extremes are now using individual reflectors, so would the 2X24w provide enough...
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    Sunpod Q's

    Sounds good, thanks.
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    Sunpod Q's I'm wanting to transfer my 10gl contents over to a 15gl and upgrade my lighting from a 80watt Orbit to a 150watt Sunpod, I want the versatility to be able to try SPS or a clam with the light, but I currently have a lot of softies. Will this light fry the softies? I'm planning on...
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    So what are your hobbies other than nano tanks?

    Oh yeah, I like to ski and snorkel when I get the chance too.
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    So what are your hobbies other than nano tanks?

    Got a lot, one that takes most of my time is Pole Vaulting for my HS track team. I also like photography, backpacking, scouting (Eagle Scout), track, hunting, LOVE fishing, and I have a Crested Gecko. Pic. of me vaulting at region this year, 13 ft.
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    June Contest - enter your best clean up crew photo

    Darn! I missed the deadline! Oh well, will there be another contest next month?
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    Jbozz (Newbie) new nanotank

    I, too am interested in your skimmer, but I have had very good success with Sapphire Aquatics Skimmers. They make models for all the Nanocubes, Biocubes, etc. I bought a NC12 model and put it in the back of a Aquaclear 110 that I have on my 10gl. Works like a charm! :)
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    WTB: 20 inch light for corals

    1 more thing... stay away from Odyssea, I've heard about them catching fire and having a terrible design.
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    WTB: 20 inch light for corals

    I have the 2X40 Orbit on my 10. Im keeping softies with no problems. I have a few LPS that are doing fine but Im sure they would THRIVE with HO t5s or metal halide. But the orbit is and awesome light and I would recommend it to anyone.
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    Synchiropus stellata

    Thats good, i didnt want to worry you and say that they have a diet similar to a mandrian dragonet. Its great to have a cooperative fish!
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    Synchiropus stellata

    I believe you got a red scooter blenny/dragonet there. Very cool thou.
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    fuge lighting

    Ive seen people use a flood light or a heat lamp over their fuges, and it seems to do fine. I would go with a 6500-6700k spectrum buld tho.
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    I have a new hobby and it saves money on food!

    I think its neat! So the zoo didnt show any signs of damage from the worm.
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    What is the best fish for eliminating algae?

    Well sorry to hear that, but IMO you were way overstocked. I would just let the tank chill for a little while now before adding anything else. As previously recommended, I would add a carbon like media. I use Purigen on my 10 gal. I would also run a phospate remover. After a while if you're...
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    JBJ...nano replacement bulbs..

    yep those guys are great for the Nano Cube line of supplies.
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    what kind of shrimp? sounds like the shrimp died then the hermits were just caught cleaning up. Hermits are too clumsy and slow to attack and kill a shrimp IMO. Try to stick with dwarf blue legged hermits or scarlett reef hermits, they are reef safe.
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    few pics of my 12g nano

    The links dont work
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    Skunk cleaner vs. Royal Dottyback

    Im sorry to hear that, but experiencing things is always better than someones advice.