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    Lighting Issues

    Ok, so I'm downsizing my 15gl to one of those 6.6 bookshelf tanks. I currently have a 150w MH over the 15gl, I figured the 150 would fry the little 6.6 if I used it, so I want to give T-5s a try. The Current Nova Extremes are now using individual reflectors, so would the 2X24w provide enough...
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    Sunpod Q's I'm wanting to transfer my 10gl contents over to a 15gl and upgrade my lighting from a 80watt Orbit to a 150watt Sunpod, I want the versatility to be able to try SPS or a clam with the light, but I currently have a lot of softies. Will this light fry the softies? I'm planning on...
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    Just Some Pics

    Im tryin to post pics. so bear with me. lol.