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  1. rescuediver19

    12G Aquapod Lighting

    Hey it's been a while since my last post but I am interested in changing / upgrading the lights in my 12G aquapod. I currently have to prop the lid open to reduce the temperature which does the trick, but looks horrendus. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do to deal with my feverish tank...
  2. rescuediver19

    Green hair algae up the...

    I seem to be experiencing a green hair algae outbreak in my tank and have been for about 2 weeks now. I cant remove the rocks from the tank annnnnd my clownfish bites me when i put my hand in the tank which is suprisingly painful and most certaintly startling. Its a 12G Aquapod and all the...
  3. rescuediver19

    Breaking Frogspawn

    Hey been a while since my last post but I have a question... can I break the "dead" hard part of my frogspawn off? It's kinda long
  4. rescuediver19

    Clownfish are funny...

    My clownfish has attitude... posing as if to say whatchu lookin at fool!
  5. rescuediver19

    Ooh.. la mer!

    I just got a new underwater housing for my digital camera and I wanted to take it for a spin. the first 4 pictures are in my tank Just hangin out on the filter Frogspawn Blue Mushroom Rock Not as impressive as some of the other macros on this site
  6. rescuediver19

    How about another chat

    Im at home for winter break and have plenty of time for a chat... sooooooo I think a chat is in order... because I say so! :wh Juuuuust Kidding... but seriously we should
  7. rescuediver19

    You might be addicted to aquariums if... (help me out)

    So I'm trying to come up with a funny list of symptoms of being an aquariumholic. Heres what I've got so far: -You might be an aquariumholic if you get upset when people call your clownfish nemo... -You might be an aquariumholic if you've spent more than an hour at the local fish store in...
  8. rescuediver19

    Photographic inspiration

    I was browsing the web cause I am also a diver (hence the name) and figured that you guys might appreciate this site and use it as inspiration in your own tanks. Check out the photo contests
  9. rescuediver19

    Heater Ideas

    So I have slowly convinced myself that I need a heater for my 12g Aquapod because the nightly temperature fluctuations are too great. Any suggestions on heaters (size/type) that I should get? the fluctuation is usually about 2 - 2 1/2 degrees farenheight. :iill
  10. rescuediver19

    Curiosity killed the cat... or in nanotanks, the bank???

    Howdy, as you may know I have a superduper aquapod 12g with stock everything but pump and an additional fan. Now I am curious about t5ho. What exactly is the difference between this and MH (besides the obvious) and what are the pro's and cons? I am assuming (though i could be wrong... itd be the...
  11. rescuediver19

    Cloudy Water

    I left for thanksgiving weekend and left my tank under the care of my friend. I came back and the water was sort of cloudy, so i cleaned and did a good sized water change. It is still a little cloudy almost yellowish. Would carbon help that?
  12. rescuediver19

    Feather Duster Problems

    Over time my featherduster has been seeming a little more "sad" looking much likea wilting flower. Since then I have been supplementing phytoplankton (the good refrigerated stuff) to no avail. Does anyone know anything else I should try? Water params are good, should I put it in a more lighted...
  13. rescuediver19


    Complete n00b question... embarrased to ask but hoow would one define a sump...?
  14. rescuediver19

    Smothering Aiptasia

    Random question, I have one little aiptasia dude hangin out in a nook in a rock. if I were to place a piece of broken live rock over it and just leave it there, would that kill it?
  15. rescuediver19

    Brown stuff

    Theres brown crap all over my rocks and sand. I have used red slide remover but it isnt working... please help, its taking over
  16. rescuediver19


    I think these things are called diatoms but anyways there are little green dots on my glass, any suggestions to remove them? Razor blade?
  17. rescuediver19

    Adding extra fan

    There is a slot for an extra fan on my aquapod 12g hood, lets say I installed another fan, would it help lower my water temp?
  18. rescuediver19

    Another Convo Topic

    If you were a marine fish... which would you be? -I'd be a ocellaris clown cause its hearty and chicks love them (I'd be a pimp fish!)
  19. rescuediver19


    My zoa's didnt open today... is that weird?
  20. rescuediver19

    New Zoa Monster!!!

    I am very excited about this purchase of zoas just thought ya'll might think its as cool as I do Prometheus posing for the shot of the zoas (hes a camera hog) Bob making a photo appearance Gotta have the full tank shot of course!