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    Micro-Reefs Special...

    In summer of 2004, I entered an award winning 1.6 gallon pico, that took first prize! My pico was photographed and featured in a European Salt Water Magazine! B) My heart has always been small hence our company name! :) So to kick off my 8 year anniversary of entering that contest, I...
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    aquemeni5110's 2g Pico

    I took another look at your build, and your aqua scape is just INSANE! I love it! :)
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    Hi There

    Hi Jewel, I own a small online business, you can google us just type in google search engine Micro-Reefs LLC Mike Guerrero... We feel that a pico is anything smaller or equal to 3 gallons of water. Above that volume it is referred to as a nano tank... You can see our thread here on...
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    75g build

    Online might be the best route, because you get a lot of good stuff that is still alive, it will have a lot of ammonia but that's okay. Just let it go through the cycle period and when it's done, your water will turn crystal clear.
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    75g build

    The extra flow is good, because it's a large tank and you will want a good turn over on flow... Take your time finding the right rock, get live rock that doesn't have a lot of die off and has good shapes so you can place it it the right spots and it will look appealing to the reefer.
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    75g build

    Yeah, That was a very long time ago, so when I saw your new build it gave me back old memories of my system!
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    75g build

    Take a look at my build under 72 gallon bowfront evolution, I use the same tank as yours! You might get some ideas and it has a lot of photos you might like!
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    75g build

    Looks like you have a nice project starting! These tanks are lots of fun, almost like building a new car engine... :cool1:
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    Need help found something in my tank

    No worries! How is your tank doing now?
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    Need help found something in my tank

    Flat worms will bother and cause button polyps to die! Did they hitch hike on a rock?
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    aquemeni5110's 2g Pico

    I'm impressed....
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    New aquion evolve 4g

    Your tank looks really nice, the clown might be too big for your tank. Have you considered the goby family fish? They are a lot smaller and would do wonders in that size tank.
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    10 gallon Microreef

    Small Styrofoam cup or paper towel. With the later, I would just lie it on the surface and it would skim the top layer onto the paper towel. Repeat process until the surface area is free of scum.
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    My new fluval spec

    Where is everyone?
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    Micro-Reefs LLC

    Check out our stuff, I have grown a little since my post....
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    Mike's new Pico....

    Brian, Have you checked out my site? It's growing week by week.... Nice, our 2 gallon is one of our biggest sellers on our site... Remember if you need anything for you pico, go to my site.... :)
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    Has anyone kept harlequin shrimp in a pico long term?

    Monitor ammonia with a simple test kit... Make appropriate water changes...
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    Want to startup a nano

    Please go to my super easy to use free website.... Any questions send me a PM here or on my website.... Mike
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    Please help, is this an 6, 8 or 12 gal. Nano Cube?

    It's a 12 gallon JBJ, they never made a 8 gallon tank....
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    They sound like copepods which are good, an indication of the completion of the nitrogen cycle and now an established tank.... Do they look like this, there are many variations or species...