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    Nanocube powerhead nozzle options?

    I wanted to know if there s anything available that will turn my single output nozzle on my 24 nanocube into a dual output. Im thinking like on the bigger tanks, that adjustable plastic balls and sockets. Or is it just another figure it out and DIY??
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    Placing frags?

    Im going to be buying a few new frags in the next couple of weeks, but theyll be my first. How does everyone recommend placing them? Leave them on the dish they came on and try to hide it? I do see some people attaching them to the back wall of the tank? Possible? Looking for nice growth and...
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    PC nanocube lighting questions

    What if I was to go one full actinic bulb and one 50/50 bulb on my 24 nanocube dx? I was wanting to do a sunrise sunset, maybe by unplugging one harness from the ballast just to test, then hooking in a timer? Right now theyre both 50/50, would I be hurting anyhting by going one full actinic? I...
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    Has anyone flipped one fan around on their Nanocube?

    24 Nanocube dx, 36wx2, both 50/50. Im seeing temps up to 82 with the lights on. I was wondering if flipping one fan around might help with circulation. I know its not really a crossflow design, but the influx of cooler air might help. Any suggestions?
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    WTB: Nano cube 24 full hood

    Looking for a hood/canopy to tinker around with. In the north jersey area. Let me know thanks -John
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    Nanocube timer questions

    Does anyone have their nanocube on a timer? If so do the moonlights work independently with the timer off?? Im doubting it, power to ballast isnt there. Unless someone has hardwired the moonlights. Stinks because timers make it easy and consistent. Just another DIY...
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    Replacement splash guard for 24 nanocube?

    Just wanted to see if anyone has had to replace this before in the past. Mine is getting cloudy, and dont want to spend over 40 with shipping for one. Am I losing light with a cloudy one as well? Im assuming so...