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    stomatella i would guess
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    Things on the new rock

    2nd pic....aiptasia 3rd algae the sticky in the beginning of this forum will id most of what grows in our tanks
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    What kind of macro algae is this?

    i really like the way ur tank looks. check the sticky in this forum for ID
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    fringy things and snakey worms...

    first pic is a peanut worm, i think that is what it is called
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    Are these aiptasias?

    looks like a type of MAJANO ANEMONES check them out on this link.
  6. D powerhead is sprouting a tree..

    is it hard or soft?
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    Flower photos taken with Eddy's (Edgray) D70

    awsome pics, great work
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    skimmers FS and other equip.

    i also have a JBJ duel wave maker and two Koralia nano PH's ($40 for all three). still have my 12g aquapod, just triing to get rid of all my extra stuff. thanks erik
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    skimmers FS and other equip.

    remora nano skimmer sold, everything else still available
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    skimmers FS and other equip.

    i also have a mag 7 and 36" PC 96w x2 with moon lights FS. mag 7 used for eight months and light just over a year. just put new bulbs in and still have the original bulbs never used. make offer.
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    which crab

    pom pom, cause the porcelain crabs are filter feeders and might be hard in such a small tank. if you feed the crab you'll only ruin the water quality in such a small system. HTH
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    skimmers FS and other equip.

    i have a aqua remora nano skimmer used for two months and a ASM mini G skimmer used for six months both for sale, make an offer. as for the ASM its the old style with the pump on the side not in the bottom like the new style. if interested PM me. thanks erik
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    Shell id

    not sure the name but i have a bunch and they seem to move around on me.
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    Hawaiian sea apples

    i second the NO NO on the electric scallop, had one and it died in less than a month.
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    Hawaiian sea apples

    not recommended, if they die they will nuke any inhabitants in your system. need to be kept in large and established systems.
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    DIY MH in a BC29?

    i would use the reflector and glass from the pendent you already have. you might have to modify them to fit. not familiar with your light so its hard to say. also has good stuff.
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    Hector's Goby?

    wouldnt hurt to try. dont know much about them though besides they look cool.
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    Pictures from Bolsa Chica wetlands.

    nice pics jesse
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    WTB HOB Refugium/skimmer or HOB skimmer for a 10 gallon

    aqua remora nano skimmer 100 bucks used for a month. works great doesnt put out any micro bubbles. downsized tanks so i dont need a skimmer anymore.
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    Ceramic rings - Do they really increase nitrates??

    YAHTZEE.....thats what i was triing to get at in the previous thread.