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    skimmers FS and other equip.

    i have a aqua remora nano skimmer used for two months and a ASM mini G skimmer used for six months both for sale, make an offer. as for the ASM its the old style with the pump on the side not in the bottom like the new style. if interested PM me. thanks erik
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    Happy Birthday Edgray

    Happy Birthday Ed :birthday: :hbd: :partyt :bouncing:
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    lighting for sale

    i have no use for this stuff any more, just sitting around. plus i upgraded to a larger system. viper 70MH 14k HQI pendant fixture, new bulb only used two weeks. had bulb problems but JBJ fixed it. good condition. 100 bucks three 40w ballasts from orbit fixtures, modded them into ann old...
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    ID please

    anyone have an ID on this little guy? sorry for the poor pic...
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    30 gallon planted

    heres a pic of my 30 planted, enjoy.........
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    30 breeder

    heres my new set-up. needed to upgrade for the pair of yasha hase gobies. plus with work being busy i dont have as much time anymore for maintanence so hopefully this set-up will be more stable. so far so good. been running for three weeks, only took two in a half to cycle. used LR from old...
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    happy birthday mike

    :birthday: :group :carn :bouncing: :hbd: :party: :yippee :partyt happy birthday Mike Guerrero
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    Erik's 3.5 nano

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    zoa problem

    my zoa's have what resembles chicken poxs. they are closed and have white dots all over them. they dont stay closed, it takes them alot longer to open. the dots cant be rubbed off, they look internal. anybody have an idea? ill try to get a pic later.
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    happy birthday PHISCHY

    :hb2: :birthday: :drink: :group :hbd:
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    viper mod

    well i wanted a moonlight on my JBJ Viper 70w MH HQI pendent, so here are my pics of my mod.... sorry i have no pic of it, on and over the tank, couldnt get them to turn out. ill try later when i have some more time. enjoy
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    well when i came home today and went to check on my pico, i discovered my MH bulb was burnt out. so i call JBJ lighting and sent them a copy of receit and they said theyll ship it out tomarrow. they where kind and curtious. ill definitly do business with this company again. two thumbs up..
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    erik's 2gal

    well after my ten crashed i built this cube to hold what survived......... this it set-up on top of my dresser. 18w coralife mini fixture. 3pd LR, 3 cups of LS....... then i desided that my ten didn't need my JBJ viper 70w MH pendent anymore...... nor did it need my JBJ ATO,lol...
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    fish compatibility chart

    here a link to a fish compatibility chart that uses. thought it would be a help to newbie in desiding on tank mates....HTH ... _chart.cfm
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    happy birthday johnanddawn

    happy birthday :hb2: :birthday: :group :bouncing: :hbd: :yippee :partyt
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    hitchhiker guide

    jsut wanted to post this, so nobody has to search for it..........
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    LR filter/refugium/ top off res.

    here are the pics of my new project...... left camber will hold my top of water and ATO pump. front center chamber is refugium, rear center chamber is the sump. right chamber is LR filter, going to completely fill with LR. will haev pics of the progress...... new stand being...
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    happy birthday skip

    happy happy happy you
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    blennie ID

    anybody know what kind of blennie this is? cant seem to find anything that looks like he changes color at night, it actually changes into black and white camo.
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    happy birthday reefman23

    :birthday: :hb2: :bash1: :drink: :nice :hbd: :partyt