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    GTA area? (Canada)

    Is anybody here from Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada? I thought that it would be nice to have a thread for local trades or sales. Tanks, for example, do not ship well, so do some creatures. Just a thought. I'm currently interested in finding the rimless 6g 60 cm (2 ft) long tank with...
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    Pico fish for pico tank

    What pico sized fish are you keeping in your pico? Anybody with clown gobies? Post your setup, filtration, maintenance and feeding routines, please. Anything that you find useful.
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    Panda goby?

    Did you keep a panda gobies? If yes, please, share tips on tank setup, making them eat, treatment for frayed fins, how high flow should be, are they doing well in PVC hiding places in quarantine tanks, tankmates?
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    Removing age from public view

    Sorry, but is it possible to remove member's age from publicly viewable area? This is private. I couldn't find this option in Profile. If this is board policy, that cannot be corrected, then how to stop being a member AND remove my personal data from being available to the public? Thank you.
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    Small algae turf scrubber for nano-tank?

    I'm considering adding the algae turf scrubber to one of my tanks, to give it a try, but have a problem with finding place for it. If you have/had one, can you show how it looks, where it is located in relation to the tank, how you are moving mesh for a cleaning (and where you are cleaning)...
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    Quiet nanos?

    Can you share ideas and solutions about making the nano in the bedroom quiet? Quiet equipment, silencing, soundproofing (box, not the room). Undrilled tanks. While quietness is considered by many as a matter of personal sensitivity, all people in household agree on the level of the noise...
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    Anybody keeps non-photosynthetic corals and will talk shop?

    Does anybody keep the non-photosynthetic corals or Christmas tree worms? Looking for those, who don't hesitate to talk shop - how to make them grow, improve filtration, make life easier. Photos of corals before and after, do you have actual growth, spawning, larvae settlement, new colonies...