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    New Marine Keeper Need Help Please

    Sorry for late reply, I'm rarely here. If you still here, can you use more easily readable text for all of us, who are not accustomed with shorthand type you are using? Now some answers. Depending on chosen configuration, for example, tank 100 gal (380 liters) will require pumps (or, if...
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    no filtration on a 2.5gal

    Usually power filters are used for water flow, even without media inside, not powerheads. Powerheads are more expensive, take place in the tank and are very noticeable. You can make refugium type of tank, with almost no feeding. Biological filtration will be processed by sand and LR...
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    Baby Niger Trigger?

    Hi! While I don't have a trigger, I have another large fish and they grow really fast: within half of year from thumbnail to a palm size, hand size - within one year. I had to buy big tank in 7 months. Another factor: length of the tank. Fish, except sitting on the rock and wiggling kinds...
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    New growth on Sun Coral?

    No, this is a sponge growing, it helps somehow with filtration. Or you may remove it with fingernail or rounded tweezers. New growth for sun corals looks like new small polyps budding in between the old big polyps, and the yellow tissue encrusting the base. Sorry for the late reply :mrgreen:
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    GTA area? (Canada)

    Is anybody here from Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada? I thought that it would be nice to have a thread for local trades or sales. Tanks, for example, do not ship well, so do some creatures. Just a thought. I'm currently interested in finding the rimless 6g 60 cm (2 ft) long tank with...
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    Pico fish for pico tank

    What pico sized fish are you keeping in your pico? Anybody with clown gobies? Post your setup, filtration, maintenance and feeding routines, please. Anything that you find useful.
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    Panda goby?

    Did you keep a panda gobies? If yes, please, share tips on tank setup, making them eat, treatment for frayed fins, how high flow should be, are they doing well in PVC hiding places in quarantine tanks, tankmates?
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    Taam Rio Nano Skimmer Quick Review

    Will pay attention to that, thank you! Anyway I have a spare lid - from 3rd Rio Nank skimmer, that I have. It has broken ceramic shaft after dropping on the floor. Do you have any tips for replacing ceramic shaft? What worked for BakPak pump - red tube from pressurized air can - doesn't work...
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    Taam Rio Nano Skimmer Quick Review

    Thank you! Tubing will be the least obtrusive option, somehow I didn't think about drilling before this :tong:
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    Fish for a 3.8 gal nano

    I read somewhere, that panda goby prefers pocillopora. Then tank should have reasonably high light, 36W maybe. You may check by goby species name.
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    Electricution ?

    Sorry to hear this. What brand was heater? You will see. Closely watch tank for a few days, remove corpses. Ceck ammonia - it may spike after several hours of decomposing. By test kit, not Ammonia Alert. In emergency ammonia could be neutralized by tap water conditioners, like Amquel Plus...
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    Taam Rio Nano Skimmer Quick Review

    There is at most 1" of space under the lid... I know, how to make silencers from film case, small bottles, long silicone air tubing, wooden air diffuser, but none of them will fit there. :roll:
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    Red Sea Aiptasia X, anyone else try it??

    Instruction says to seal all mouth, but provided syringe squirts much more at once, covering all oral disk and making high blob. By the way, treat as much as possible art once - even at reasonable amounts - makes water smell as milky fluid of some plants, cucumbers closed for some time, weak...
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    Red Sea Aiptasia X, anyone else try it??

    Just tried Aiptasia X yesterday. 2/3 of the aiptasia are dead, but it will re-grow from the stump. The same effect, as after kalkwasser paste. After Joe's Juice my super aiptasias came back.
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    Taam Rio Nano Skimmer Quick Review

    Can you post link to silencer, that fits Rio Nano skimmer? There are not much space under the lid. Thanks.